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About Us

who we are

Nolimit Logic is an software development IT Company and Digital Service Provider. Nolimit Logic offers Global Products and Services through a strong network across India and Overseas.

What we do?

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Nolimit Logic provides Framework Services and Solutions to your daily need of technologies with a combination of cutting edge technology, know-how, domain and process expertise. Our purpose is to provide our clients with services designed to give them a strategic competitive advantage in all fields of technology. We focus on maximising client returns by leveraging offshore competencies to offer global competitiveness to our customers.

Our commitment is to provide affordable solutions that translate into tangible business results for the customers and vendors. We consistently deliver to client expectations and strive to establish long lasting relationships with them through our efficiency of works. As a diverse end-to-end IT solutions provider, Nolimit Logic offers a range of expertise in Information Technology, Web Designing, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Custom Enterprise Solutions, Graphic Designing and Digital Marketing with the objective of helping clients to reinvent their business to compete successfully in a dynamic market and fast to go in market.

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How we work

Put your business in full throttle with industry IT Services and Solutions, Our energy towards innovation causes us in changing inventive thoughts into resources that increase the value of the clients. Look at how we offer subsequent output for you and be persuaded why we should be working together.



Understanding the brief to assess the client’s requirements and to discuss the different aspects of the project including establishment of milestones, timelines, deliverables, project scope and expectations. Further, research is then undertaken around SEO compatible unique content, writing tonality, visual design, images, brand logo and technical aspects in order to analyse what can be achieved within the website budget.



We annotate wireframes to describe the user’s experience, before that, we prepare a rough collage of visual ideas, based on the original brief. It incorporates the illustration of the placement and prioritisation of content and functionality along with design elements, branding and digital assets. On approval of the same, we create a page layout or wireframe of the homepage layout/design (incorporating responsive design techniques for initial client feedback).



This process involves Frontend, Backend and Database development and involves writing code and integrating it into a CMS framework. Based on design and functionality, we choose the optimal website development platform or technology such as PHP, Wordpress, Shopify, Magento etc. Other elements such as copywriting, video, image sourcing and photography are incorporated at this stage. Post this, we host the website on our staging server for client review and feedback.



Before the site is launched,testing is done to ensure there are no bugs and it is thoroughly optimized as per user experience.The designer at Apex will check all of the code written for your web site validates. Further, it will be placed on a production server where only internal audiences and anyone who you share the link with can view it.



At this stage the website will need to be reviewed on multiple browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and multiple devices (laptops, tablets, and mobile) to check if and where breaks occur. Once the client review is completed on cross browser & device, performance/speed testing takes place to ensure coherent experience across all devices.



At this point domain name(s), website hosting and email will be established. Status of website will change from the staging server to a live environment. Any changes and tweaks to the website before it goes live are accomplished at this stage. At launch the website is sent to various search engines such as Google, Bing so that it can be indexed.

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Why Choose Us

We have highly skilled engineers with excellent technical knowledge and experience in using the latest software standards.
We have built a large pool of knowledge that we apply to deliver solutions that meet client's needs, expectations and budget.
By putting our clients at the heart of everything we do, we are proud that we are still supporting our very first business client.

High Touch Communication.

Our goal is to answer every call with a LIVE person. If getting someone to fix your computer is as painful as the computer problem itself, it’s a never-ending cycle of frustration. If you happen to get our voicemail it becomes a ticket on our service board immediately and you can be sure to get a call back.

Security is Paramount.

We follow and enforce Security Best Practices for all our clients, as well as internally. Your Security is only as good as the weakest link in the chain. We educate our team and our clients on cyber security to keep networks safe. We got your back!

We LOVE Documentation.

Proper documentation of your network is critical for fast resolution of problems and to get projects done right the first time. All requests are documented, resolution is documented, diagrams of your networks are created…and your passwords are stored in a secure, encrypted location.

Fast Response

Some companies think if your problem doesn’t seem that bad they can wait a few days to call you back…. We get back to you fast so you know when your problem will be resolved. Our contracts spell out our response time.

A Wide Spectrum Of Skills & Experience.

From quick ixes to total server and network engineering calso in development and designing – we’ve got it. And if there’s ever a problem we can’t solve, we know who to contact to get it fixed.

We Are FUN To Work With.

Anyone can fix a computer, but the experience of working with the person helping you is so important. Our Team genuinely cares about every client. This drives us to provide absolute fanatical support of their systems.

Committed to Quality.

We choose only clients that share in our values. Serving a company’s IT and critical network needs is a HUGE responsibility that we take that very seriously. It takes teamwork and commitment to good communication, and industry practices to serve a company in an excellent manner.

We Help Solve Your Business Problems.

We sit on the same side of the table as YOU to provide business solutions to business problems. We don’t try to sell you the latest techno gizmo – instead – we listen to your business problem and offer several strategies to resolve the ROOT of the problem and achieve your objectives.

A Proven Track Record.

Unlike others in our industry, we can prove and show you how we deliver Peace of Mind, Less Downtime, Faster Problem Resolution, Data Protection, Money Savings, Streamlined Communications, and Simplicity in IT management for you.

We Grow Your Digital Journey

Get ready to start your exciting Digital Journey.
Our company will lead you through the amazing digital world

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